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Why I Started My Wellness Journey


I would like to start off this blog by sharing a bit about how I got here. And by “here” I mean being a passionate nutrition student with a transformed point-of-view on all things food and wellness related. Welcome to my blog, I hope to inspire or at least entertain some of you!

About two years ago, I weighed myself at X pounds. I did the math and realized I was at an obese BMI. I thought “that can’t be right,” throughout my life I had considered myself slightly overweight, usually yo-yo-ing between various weight-loss ventures. How did I get here? How could I do this to myself, to my health? What can I do to save my life? These were the questions that flooded my mind. A steady weight gain had creeped up on me, a story much familiar to many individuals, I’m sure.

That last question was a serious one indeed. My family medical history is rich in chronic illnesses, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. There is little doubt that weight plays a part in the development of many metabolic abnormalities. Although many in my generation like to say “I am here for a good time, not a long time,” I knew that living a good life is significantly obstructed and complicated by the disabling effects of chronic diseases. My late grandfather, for example, lived out the last decade of his life in a wheelchair after losing a leg to diabetes. I knew I had to change my lifestyle, improve my eating, and increase physical activity in order to achieve a healthier weight.

I began to seek out easy and delicious ways to eat without burdening myself with excess calories. Looking back, I can see this was the beginning of another cycle in the diet mentality. But at the time, it was the right springing board for a renewed life. As learned more about nutrition science, I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to make it my life. What I thought would happen is that I would drop the extra pounds with increasing nutrition knowledge. I did not expect that I would care less and less about the number on the scale.

Despite having lost some weight on this health journey, I do not wish to divulge my current weight. It is not necessary to do so in order for me to show you how revolutionary a positive relationship with food can be. I am a happy person. I love to laugh and I especially love to eat. I love food now even more than I did before. To me, food is not good or bad. Food is just food, I allow myself to enjoy it. No person should live as a martyr eating food they do not enjoy simply because it’s “healthy.”

For the sake of complete transparency, I need to add that am still working on my attitude and rewriting the way my mind thinks about food and fitness. Likely, this will be a life-long process of constant adjustments, one which I embrace with open arms.

~Ruth Jimenez


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