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Happy New Year!

Hello! I know I am super late on this New Year 2018 post. Please read on anyway!

After many years of weight-related resolutions every January 1st, last year 2017 was the first that I did not make any to change my weight. Not one. It was freeing but admittedly, it was also a bit daunting. Would I completely stop caring about my weight? No, realistically it does not seem entirely possible. But I have been able to hurl thoughts of it to the very bottom of my concerns.

So what are my current concerns? Mostly, I want to improve my relationship with food. Even though January 1, 2017 was the somewhat official date that I jumped off the diet bandwagon, I still struggle with food dichotomy thoughts. Example: “I can’t eat fast food this weekend because I already ate it on Wednesday when I was too busy to make dinner.” These kinds of thoughts, basically dividing food into “bad” and “good” categories, are I am sure all too common with others as with myself.

I hope by now you have read my review of Ellyn Satter’s Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family. It changed my life. Not in a dramatic, cinematic sort of way. But in a deep, quiet, permanent way. Throughout this past year, I had already learned through my current school work that food should not be categorized “bad or “good.” But it was more akin to the “everything in moderation” standpoint. Reading Satter’s perspective on food has helped me come to the conclusion that food is meant to be enjoyed and that it is okay to think this way. Satter urges the reader to to wary of negative food messages, this push for positivity instead is what inspired the name of my blog. Positive food thoughts are not exactly a resolution for the New Year, but it’s what I want long-term for myself. Next on my reading list is Intuitive Eating!

2018 Goals

  • Health/Nutrition: Try more new food! At the top of my food list are plant-based proteins like tofu.
  • Fitness: Learn self-defense or some form of martial arts.
  • Personal: To explore the state of Texas and make it feel like home.

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