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Nutrition Recovery After a Liver Transplant

This is the first blog entry from guest writer Ana Jimenez

     Having a liver transplant was not an easy thing to recover from. It’s has been difficult to acquire and maintain healthy eating patterns. One of the main struggles was coming from a Mexican background where if you don’t eat enough you aren’t healthy. I always felt misunderstood, lack of appetite post-surgery and then medication side-effects had done that. My wonderful sister Ruth helped me to understand that I just had to find what worked for me. I learned that all food is good food and that is when I started to truly enjoy food, especially Mexican food.
     I found myself feeling stronger, healthier, and mentally more capable of being myself. Therapy is different for everyone and there many different types of therapy. This was mine, this is what I had been missing. I still struggle finding what I like and maintaining a healthy understanding that all food is good food. But I a have improved and will continue to do so.
pozole pic Writer Ana Jimenez is younger sister to the blog’s creator, Ruth Jimenez. She is a fitness enthusiast whose love for nutrition has stemmed out of a desire to maintain a healthy body and thereby do justice to her liver transplant.

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