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Why Buy Produce In Season? 5 of My Reasons

Hi there! Welcome to the first post of a new blog series titled Produce In Season.

I like to be informed of what produce is in season for multiple reasons. If even one of these resonates with you, make sure to subscribe to the blog to receive updates on seasonal produce :).

  1. Better Flavor: fruits and vegetables bought during their peak season will simply taste better. Just think about how a ripe summer tomato tastes compared to a dud winter tomato.tomatoes

  2. Cost: food produced seasonally will cost less to grow and that cost savings is passed on to the consumer. Also, think about supply and demand. Produce in season will be more bountiful and will be sold at a lower price.


  3. Carbon Footprint: seasonal produce can be obtained from local producers. Buying local translates into less food miles and less of an impact on the environment.

    grapes on vineyard during daytime

  4. Nutrients: produce bought in-season and locally will have a superior nutrient profile. Fruits and vegetables lose nutrients during transportation and storage. Local in-season produce will have lost less nutrients.

    asparagus bunch bundle close up

  5. Creativity: have you ever found yourself with an abundance of in-season fruits or vegetables and with no idea what to do with it? Example- maybe you have a neighbor who brings you some of his excess lemons. In season produce is plentiful and can push us to try new recipes or food preservation methods! Being adventurous with food is fun and can positively encourage nutritional variety!

    carrot fruit beside lemon fruit on black wooden table

Keep in mind that frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are not inferior to freshly ripe produce. While texture can change, you can still get plenty of good-for-you micronutrients from frozen and canned produce. Look for those without added salt, sauces, or sugar. If salt is added, rinse with clean water to wash away some of the salt.

Likewise, you can freeze your own in-season produce for future use! Here are a few great articles to help you get freezin’:

Final Thoughts:

Buying produce that is in season is great for many reasons! But keep in mind that the important thing is to eat a variety of fruits and veggies, whether fresh, frozen, or canned! (also, not every person has access to fresh produce)

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