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10 Energizing Study Snacks

As I wrapped up studying for my second-to-last semester finals, I realized how long I’ve been a student. The dietetics program with the University of Alabama is my second bachelor’s degree and it has taken me about two years to complete. Combined with two years of non-degree work and my original 4-year undergraduate work means I’ve been a college student for 8 years!

The more I learn about nutrition, the more I’ve been incorporated nutrition knowledge into my everyday meals. This includes building better snacks to help my study sessions.

Just like with meals, building an energizing and satisfying snack requires more than one macronutrient and ideally all three- fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

These snacks are designed to be easy, delicious, and affordable. Some can be made with simple appliances such as a microwave (dorm-friendly) and other do require kitchen equipment like an oven. With 10 ideas on this list, there is something for every student.

1. Greek yogurt with fruit

Optional: add some granola or seeds for texture variation and extra flavor!

The fruit chosen can be whatever you have on hand or what’s in season. For both versions shown here, I have used coconut flavored yogurt because it’s my favorite! But you could really use any flavor or use plain yogurt and add a bit of honey.

Topped with raspberries and granola (chocolate and coconut granola).

Topped with pumpkin seeds seasonal cherries.

2. Berry Smoothie

Optional: top with protein-rich hemp seeds.

The key to making a smoothie filling for hours is adding sources of fiber, protein, and fat. My recipes use greek yogurt but you could use your favorite protein powder.

3. Nachos

Yes, I said nachos. Turn your chip ‘n dip snack into something more nutritious!

To make this, simply microwave a small plate with tortilla chips topped with about 1/4 cup shredded cheese for 1 minute. Top with homemade avocado salsa. To make salsa: chop and mix 2 jalapenos, 2 roma tomatoes, and 1 avocado. Add in the juice of 1/2 a lime and salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy as an easy way to add veggies into your study sesh.

4. Baby carrots and dip

So easy. I prefer ranch dressing as my dip but anything could work. For example, you could use hummus or peanut butter as your dip.

5. Cheese, seeds or nuts, and dried fruit mix

I have made so many variations of this mix. I love to use raisins or dried mango as well. I’ve used cubed cheddar cheese, cubed monterrey jack cheese, and so many more. Buy pre-cut or take the easy way out and slice up string-cheese. One of my favorite nuts to use in this combo is cashews. The possibilities are endless!

This one is craisins, sunflower seeds, and sliced mozzarella string-cheese.

6. Roasted chickpeas

Buy them roasted or roast them yourself with my recipe if you have an oven.

8. Toast with peanut butter, chia pudding, and fruit

Chia pudding is so easy to make and you don’t need a stove. All you need is frozen berries, chia seeds, and a blender. Find my recipe here.

Raspberry chia pudding, peanut butter, sliced blackberries, and mint leaf pieces on whole grain toast.

9. Steamed edamame

So easy! Buy plain from the frozen section, already shelled. Follow package directions to cook, divide up your portions, season with salt and pepper.

10. “Nice cream” or the real thing

I have a great nice cream recipe that tastes is so delicious! But stressing out about finals shouldn’t creep into stressing out about food. If ice cream is what you want to survive studying, go for the real thing. If you just want something sweet in general, try nice cream and get a serving of fruit in. Both are valid choices.

Peanut butter and chocolate nice cream.

Vanilla ice cream cone.

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