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Edamame & Quinoa Salad

Like so many of my recipes, this meal was born out of necessity. I was short on time. I was freakin' hot in my apartment (I live in an older complex and during the summer the AC can't keep up with the Texas heat). So I popped my head into the fridge to see what… Continue reading Edamame & Quinoa Salad

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Nourishing Eggs, Beans, and Rice Bowl

Pinto beans were, and as an adult continue to be, a household staple in my childhood home. I remember thinking from a young age that beans keep you strong and healthy- that was the perception imparted on me! There's rice under all those toppings, I promise! Now, as a nutrition student, I've come to realize… Continue reading Nourishing Eggs, Beans, and Rice Bowl

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Meatless Burrito Bowl with Avocado Rose

I love burritos and I don't want to tire of the typical tortilla with fillings. So I started to make burrito bowls, which allow me to use whatever is in the fridge (bonus → reduced food waste). Although using up extra veggies leads to a different bowl every time, there are some staples in my… Continue reading Meatless Burrito Bowl with Avocado Rose

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How to Build A “Nourish Bowl”

A nourish bowl is typically a plant-based meal full of legumes, veggies, and complete in protein. It is also called a Buddha bowl by some, but I do not think this is an appropriate name. "Nourish bowl" is much more reflective of what it is meant to be. To make a nourish bowl, you don't… Continue reading How to Build A “Nourish Bowl”

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Turmeric Egg Bake

I always struggle coming up with the names for my recipes. This egg bake is a perfect example of that! Should I highlight the fact that it is an easy meatless dinner? That it has turmeric, a possible anti-inflammatory spice? Or that I used beautiful multi-colored cherry tomatoes? Is this technically a frittata and should… Continue reading Turmeric Egg Bake