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Goodbye Summer Salad

Gonna be honest: I created this summer salad recipe right at the beginning of the summer months! But since I never got around to writing it up, I figure now is a good time before berries are no longer in season. Consider this salad a goodbye ode to summer. This salad is a meal base… Continue reading Goodbye Summer Salad

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Kale vs Spinach: Which Green Reigns Supreme?

I believe people fall into two general categories: (1) spinach lovers and (2) kale aficionados. Whether or not you feel like you distinctly fall into one of these two categories, read on to learn some nutrition facts about each. SPINACH 100 g of raw spinach will provide: 2.2 g Fiber 483 mcg Vitamin K, 604% DV 9376… Continue reading Kale vs Spinach: Which Green Reigns Supreme?